1 thought on “Lees de laatste Praatvogel !

  1. Hello! Despite having been a resident in NL for several years, I still don’t speak enough Dutch, so please accept my apologies for writing in English. Thank you for putting together De Praatvogel – we translate it every time and very much enjoy the interesting pieces you publish.
    I had a question about sharing pictures of the Vogelwijk. We live in such a lovely area and I’m sure many neighbours also take pictures of beautiful moments around our neighbourhood, as do I. Do you encourage the sharing on pictures on the Vogelwijk Leiden Facebook page? Or would you perhaps find it appropriate to encourage people to tag their pictures with a #vogelwijkleiden on Instagram? I think it would be a really nice idea to be able to share pictures of our neighbourhood with each other.
    Nachtegaallaan 10

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